Best way to market your photos and get more photography clients

Best way to market your photos and get more photography clients

Marketing Strategy For Photography Business, Get More Photography Clients

In today's world where, every second person with a mobile phone with some decent camera quality calls him or herself a photographer, it is immensely important for professional photographers to showcase their skills and aptitude in an eye catching and organised manner, so that they can secure an adequate amount of work and also be able to have a vast client base across the world.

Due to globalization, every industry is having a fierce competition among its participants. Cut throat contesting among businesses demands for continuous up gradation of products and services along with innovative marketing strategies. Marketing, publicity and advertisement thus became a prominent tool for attaining a dominant market position.

Here we are going to discuss some of the best measures for marketing your photos, which will ultimately assist you in grabbing more and more clients as per your niche.

Online Photo Studio Management System:

Now a days using automated Client Relationship Management (CRM) software like Servframe is a widely accepted practice in the photography industry. Platform like Servframe benefits the photography studio and the photographer in not only managing the backend task but also assists in establishing a separate identity in the market by highlighting their Brand image.

Let me show how Servframe does it all for you:

Website Creation

The need for businesses to have their own website is exceeding day by day. For photographers, website provides an enduring home for their photographs as well as helps in creating a brand image in the market.

One can also sell their photographs directly from their website to the visitors/clients without interference of any intermediary.

Selling photos directly to the interested parties will save huge commission cost for the business. It will also create a firsthand bridge between the client and the photographer.

But there are several factors like building up cost, regular data update, lack of technological knowledge, etc due to which entrepreneurs struggle with the idea of having their own website.

However with Servframe you can have your own website without burning a hole in your pocket. This platform provides services right from website creation to its regular maintenance at very economical prices.

Photo Library

Servframe, enables you to create your own personalised photo library where you can categorize your photos into various streams like nature, wildlife, fashion, wedding, portrait and any other customised field as per your demand.

Such classification helps the client to find best photographs of the genre they are looking for.

Photo library is a successful method to organise you photos and attract more clients according to your niche.

With the ease of purchasing mechanism due to your own website, clients will directly shop the photographs they like from the library itself.

Internet Blogging and E-books

Servframe extends the facilities of writing blog for your photography experiences in a story telling manner, which in turn creates a buzz on the internet about your work profile and increases your public reach. Having regular blog readers and visitors on your e-books and blog will increase your prospective client base too.

Hence online photography studio management with Servframe will benefit you in all the possible manners be it being economical, user friendly or highly advanced technical assistance, it is definitely a must have for the photographers and studio house.

Online Shout-Outs

After completion of a project, photographers can ask their clients to share their experiences over the internet.

It can be a video message or a written post which both the client and the photographer will share on their profiles over various online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc.

These shout-outs have a huge impact in publicising the work mannerism of photographer and its customer satisfaction.

Google ratings and reviews is also a great shout-out method which enables you to grab newer client base.

Selling photos through an intermediary

Photographers can also sell their photographs by subscribing to various third party micro stock sites like Adobe stock, Shutter stock, etc. These applications and software sell the photos to customer in their own name and charges a hefty commission which usually ranges from 65-70% of selling price of the photographs.

Arranging online polls and workshops

Photographers can share numerous small sneak peak clips from their upcoming projects and ask people over internet to guess what it is about.

Such polls create a sense of excitement among the followers and the random visitors due to which they tend to frequently check out your profiles and become familiar with your work quality and exposure.

Sharing some useful tips and tricks about camera work and how to keep up with the latest trends in photography industry over YouTube channel, while leaving a direct link under such posts to visit your website and purchase photographs from there only, will help you to penetrate the market along with creating a buzzing name among the customers.

In order to summarize, photographers should have an online photography management platform like Servframe so that they can have their own website, smooth CRM functioning, along with numerous marketing tools like photo library and internet blogging in order to achieve a huge clientele.

With benefits like branding and separate identity due to Servframe, photographers can set their own terms and conditions and quote lucrative price from the clients.

Unlike other third-party micro stock sites, Servframe does not charge any commission for the photographs that you sell via website created and managed by them.

So, with Servframe by your side get your personalised marketing booster and rule the photography industry by grabbing most prestigious client base across the globe.