Digitize your Photography business and grow your Brand Image with Servframe

Digitize your Photography business and grow your Brand Image with Servframe

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With the increasing digitization and automation of various processes and procedures, physical boundaries between countries no longer seem to be an obstacle for companies to conquer the global market. From grocery shopping via online platforms to virtual foreign high school graduations, everything is just a click away. Thanks to this powerful influence of technology, everyone can now enjoy the privilege of serving a world-class customer base.

The role of automated systems and technologies is also important in the photography sector. In recent decades, the photography industry has gone through a major transition phase due to increasing digitization and the availability of better electronics.

Technology being an integral part of Photography nowadays:

Modern photography isn't just about clicking pictures, blogging and calling yourself a photographer. The demand for skills like wasting time with chemicals in a dark room is decreasing with each passing day. In today's fierce competition, coupled with increased customer awareness, the photography industry requires operators to be "shotmakers" and not just photographers.

With the help of automated programs and various etools, photographers can free themselves from the burden of mechanical backend tasks. Therefore, they can devote time and effort to fulfill client requirements. Reducing manual work by managing work through automated processes allows photographers to exploit their full potential, as it frees them from repetitive tasks.

Various tasks and assignments in photography that can be automated:

  1. Client registration and further record maintenance.
  2. Schedule meetings and appointments with concerned parties.
  3. Facilitated billing services and invoice exchange.
  4. Website creation, portfolio display and studio management.
  5. Social media marketing and content marketing.

Give your photography businesses a great push by going Hi-tech with ServFrame:

Having ServFrame by your side gives you a competitive edge over other opponents as this platform ensures:

  • Effective and easy communication among clients and photographer.
  • Proper showcasing of photographer's portfolio, so as to attract suitable client base.
  • Services provided by photographer are categorized among themes and genres.
  • Client can select their photographer by understanding the functions and facilities provided by different photographers respectively.
  • Availability of a comprehensive portal for photographer, client and administration staff.
  • Brand building of the photographer and its studio house.

Being an online management platform, ServFrame not only helps the photographer to function in a better way, but it also provides an extended exposure to their business.

Getting higher rankings among various SEO and SRM algorithms enables the photographers to grab attention of a vast client base across the globe.

Automated management through customized apps is a great tool for photography business:

In the present era of rising e-inclusions and digitized programs, the world has now become a "Global Village". Such a scenario gives the photographers an opportunity to look for an international customer foundation. However, this also requires them to be adequately equipped with technological advancements.

Why do you need ServFrame ?

ServFrame is a user-friendly management platform that keeps photographers up to date with all the technical advancements happening around the globe, in order to facilitate the functioning of their business.

Though there are endless benefits of choosing ServFrame as your CRM, here we are highlighting a few of them:

  • Client enrollment and interaction:

    Registration of client helps the photographer to identify the needs of their potential clients. Once a client gets registered their appointments and further communications are scheduled and managed through automated e-mails, alerts, etc.

  • Customized products that are ready to use:

    Keeping the needs of modern-day photographer in consideration, at ServFrame we provide a wide range of tailor-made templates and responsive designs which are supported on all software s and platforms.

  • Hassle free Website creation:

    Photographers can avail the service of having their own website wherein they can showcase their portfolio and expertise genres to prospective clients.

  • Discrete recognition:

    ServFrame enables the photographer and its studio house to build a brand image, as it helps them to rank higher among various SEO and SRM algorithms.

  • Easy invoice exchange:

    ServFrame provides a platform wherein client and photographer can enjoy facilitated invoice exchange and billing services.

  • Subscription policy:

    At ServFrame we provide you a lenient subscription policy wherein you can avail subscription anytime you want also you can cancel your subscription in a quick and hassle-free manner.

To sum it up, ServFrame is nothing but a game-changer for everyone in photography industry. It is an online management platform which gives you an experience like never before in terms of technical advancements yet remaining easy to use.

Be it a beginner or a big studio house, ServFrame is a one stop solution for all automated requirements of photography industry. At ServFrame we believe in delivering what is desired.

From tailor-made templates to customized billing platform we are here to provide it all.

ServFrame is a win-win game for everyone:

Client being the king pin of market, will enjoy the liberty to choose from a wide range of photographers providing the services they are looking for.

Having a variety of options to choose from along with trusted brand recognition gives client the confidence to put their money in transaction.

Due to decreased human intervention and extended digitization of repetitive tasks, photographers will be in a position to get a better understanding of client needs.

With increased time window to work with, photographers would be able to perform in the best manner as they'll get to apply more of their time and skills towards customer satisfaction.

So, what are you waiting for!! Subscribe the ServFrame management platform and take your photography business to the new heights of success.