How to Share Photos with Clients?

How to Share Photos with Clients?

Website To Share Photos With Clients,

Whether you have a photography studio or are a specialized photographer, sharing your work with clients is the ultimate goal. Sometimes, you notice that the photos aren't delivered the same quality as the originals. What makes you more concerned is that there is a limit to the size of images you can share.

So, to help you out, we have enlisted some of the top choices by which you can easily share your photos with your clients.

  1. Google Drive

    It is one of the versatile photo-sharing platforms that are linked to your Gmail account. The photographers can upload the image on this platform and share it with their clients. The primary benefit of using the platform is Google Drive works on cloud technology; hence the folder can be shared directly with the client using an email link. Also, it helps the user to organize the folders and keep track of it. This powerful free image-sharing tool offers you 15 GB of free storage memory.


    • It can be accessed from anywhere.
    • It is safe, secured, and backed by Google.
    • It comes with a free 15 GB memory.


    • It is not user-friendly when it comes to photo sharing.
    • It is time-consuming to upload and download the images.
    • The images lack clarity.
  2. Servframe Studio Management Software

    Servframe is one of the best photography studio management software available. It offers end-to-end solutions when it comes to sharing photos with clients. It assists photographers or brand makers in creating their website and marketing it to the right audience.

    Servframe helps photographers share photos or showcase their business portfolio with clients simply yet effectively. Here are some reasons that make Servframe an ideal choice.

    • It helps in creating mobile-friendly and SEO-ready images.
    • The photographers have complete control over their business website because Servframe offers a unique and personalized experience.
    • Servframe automates emails, schedules meetings, transfers images, and videos, and helps manage the contract.
    • It offers portfolio websites for photographers where they can give voice to their work. With this, they can share portfolio links with the clients instantly.

    Servframe is the best way to share your photos with clients online, especially if a person is new to professional photography. With Servframe, the business will boost, and photographers can do repetitive tasks quickly.

  3. Smash

    Smash is another photo-sharing site that does not put a cap on file transfer limit size. The photographers can send the smallest to largest photos within a click. However, there is a downside the files come with an expiry of 14 days after they send the images.


    • There is no limit on transferring the file size.
    • The files come with password protection and file preview.
    • The photo-sharing site is easy to use and has no confusing layouts.


    • The file transfer speed will be lower if it exceeds 2GB.
  4. Dropbox

    Dropbox is a flexible cloud storage way to share folders and files with clients. If a person does not prefer to have a Gmail account, Dropbox is the perfect option. The software lets the photographers to store, share, and transfer files. The free account has 2 GB of memory and file transfer capabilities of 100 MB per transfer. It is viable if they want to share a handful of images with clients.


    • It provides the facility of offline editing.
    • It is easy to use and hassle-free to install.


    • It is not professional and can store a limited number of images.
    • It occupies the space in your hard disk for the installed version.
  5. Pixieset

    Pixieset is a specially built platform for photographers that allow photo enthusiasts to share images and keep track of the same. It also has an in-built social sharing button to share photos with online clients. The clients can download the photos from the gallery.


    • It is easy to install.
    • You can upload the images fast, and it has a high download speed too.
    • It comes with high-security options.


    • It comes with only 10GB of memory.
    • It does not have a video hosting option.

In a nutshell

If you want to share clean and professional images with your clients, there are many software available in the market. The above list of top software can help you share a large number of quality images in a hassle-free manner.