10+ curated podcasts to amplify your photography skills

10+ curated podcasts to amplify your photography skills

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Besides being a source of entertainment; podcasts are a great way to attain knowledge and get to know about the experiences, stories and journeys of the people we aspire to become; in their own words and their own voice.

Listening to a good podcast feels like having a conversation with the person speaking therein. From targeting the problem to the brainstorming done behind finding its solution, a good podcast talks about it all.

Today we at ServFrame have come up with more than 10 of such amazing podcasts that will help you to improve your photography skills practically in the real world.

1. The Portrait System Photography Podcast:

Hosted by Nikki Closser, this podcast has interviews of various renowned photographers across the globe, who give details about many tips and tricks that help them to make their photographs stand out. It essentially stresses on how to build a successful portrait photography business.

2. Hit The Street:

Valerie Jardin, who herself is a prominent name for street photography is the host of this podcast. By inviting urban photographers from around the globe, this bi-weekly interview series talks about their personal inspiration, experiences, techniques, etc.

3. The Martin Bailey Photography Podcast:

Contrary to popular belief this Martin Bailey's podcast is not just about landscape photography. From travelogues to reviews and interviews, here people can learn so many skills for nature, travel, wildlife and landscapes photography.

4. The Fashion Photography Podcast:

Verginiya Yancheva who has a star-studded clientele like Elle, Cosmopolitan, Nestle, etc is the host of this podcast. With interviews of established fashion photographers and industry experts, this podcast talks about magazine and celebrity shoot skill set and techniques requirements.

5. Photobiz Xposed:

Hosted by Andrew Hellmich an Australian photographer, in this podcast the prime focus is on running a successful wedding, pet, headshot and portrait photography business. Networking, branding, customer relationship and pricing are highly discussed topics of experts talking herein.

6. The Candid Frame:

From budding to renowned photographers, Ibarionex Perello in each episode interviews a wide range of photographers to know about their motivations, approach and ideas behind amazing shots taken by them in a structured question-answer manner.

7. A Small Voice: Conversations with the photographers

With more than 130 episodes photographers like Zed Nelson, Simon Norfolk, Tom Oldham are being interviewed by host Ben Smith. Interviewees here talk on point and addresses the matter by way of in-depth discussion.

8. FroKnows Photo:

In this nearly 20 minutes episode, Jared Polin talks about all the trending photography news, rumors, debates and discussions in an honest straightforward manner.

9. PetaPixel Photography Podcast:

Hosted by Mike "Sharky" James, this podcast is of great value to someone who is looking for unbiased and detailed reviews of the latest photography technology. His humor, opinion and experience make the episodes even more interesting.

10. This Week In Photo:

In this weekly roundtable discussion, experts from across the globe review, interview and shed light on major global events that took place in the photography industry.

11. Six-Figure Photography:

In this podcast, Ben Hartly, shares significant know-hows about running a successful business along with marketing ideas for social media promotion of services being provided.

In conclusion, podcasts are a quite simple yet effective measures for improving your photography knowledge and skill set. At ServFrame we are currently working to make sure you get access to all of these and many more successful podcasts in order to help you digitze and grow your photography business.

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