About Us

Your Passion Our Execution

Servframe is designed as an end-to-end solution for a photography business. We help you plan, set up, & run your business. Innovative to create a stunning website as per your photography niche. Driven to increase your photography sales. And last but not least ServFrame Studio Management Software & CRM integration will help you easily manage all the business administration work & client workflows.

ServFrame (platform & teamwork) & your passion can perfectly blend to achieve your photography goals.


ServFrame is for whom

ServFrame is created for photographers, photo re-touchers, illustrators & photo editors. We also assist amateur & freelance photographers to grow & showcase their portfolios via the website.

Our platform can be used to uniquely design niche-specific photography websites. Some of the niche websites we work on are headshot, fashion, wedding, portrait, event, commercial, still, food, boudoir photographers, etc.

Purpose of ServFrame

ServFrame’s main purpose is to give the whole photography business a complete solution package. Say bye-bye to the old ways of establishing & managing the business.

With many other platforms, you do not get full control over your business website but at ServFrame we are here to know your unique personal need for business & create a fully customized experience for you.

Photographers can create their own brand by creating their own personalized website over which they can have full control. You can get your business scaled up by SEO friendly website, & by marketing to the right audience with the right strategy.

ServFrame makes the photography business easy to manage & fast to achieve goals.

With our website building, marketing efforts, & studio management software, you can:

  1. Generate high-quality photo session leads.
  2. Save time from all the extra administration work & staff handling. You can manage maximum work on your own. Also, you can have more time for a photo session.
  3. Easy payment setup, generating invoices & sharing quotes.
  4. Setting payment reminders.
  5. Send contracts on time.
  6. Photo storage.
  7. Client Proofing.
  8. Conduct meetings.
  9. Project management, & more

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