Portrait photography ideas for beginners

Portrait photography ideas for beginners

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Photography is a proportionate blend of creative experiment and rules, none of it can be compromised. Such is portrait photography, let's find out some quick tips for beginners.

Being into photography is a vast canvas, which consists of multiple genres. Portrait photography is one of the traditional formats of photography and to have a modern approach towards it is equally important.

To start off as a beginner in Portrait photography, here are some quick references that one should know and follow while working with portraits in photography:

1. Focus on the eyes - As eyes are the most impactful feature of a portrait, you must try to showcase them as the most powerful and attention seeking point in the whole picture.

Eyes should be the central focal point. You can blur down the background to give it a creative touch.

2. Use indirect light - Always depend on a light source that is not direct, otherwise a direct sunlight or ray of artificial light can spoil the whole portrait. There shouldn't be too much light or a dark place.

Therefore, try to shoot in a shady place where you can get some light but not too much of it. Also, a portable diffuser can be used to soften direct light.

3. Maintain Eye level with the subject while shooting a portrait.

4. Find a skilled Portrait photographer to learn from: It's always good to have a guiding hand with you while you brush up your skills.

5. You must always trust and respect your subjects. In fact, that's the beauty of portrait photography: you get to work with living subjects and that offers a room for spontaneity, experiment and vulnerability.

6. Make sure you know your setting well. The subject should be very much comfortable in the environment and must not feel alienated due to light setting or positioning.

To come up with the best output the setting should come naturally with the subject. Make them feel their usual best and the picture will then reveal the same.

7. The focus here is the face of the subject and nothing else, keep that in mind. In technical terms, keep the depth of field shallow.

8. Photography is all about practice, hence, try out different types of lenses to come out with unique results. Lens like Telephoto lens with longer focal lengths, or wide-angle lens to give it a surreal look.

9. Develop an analytical eye post-shoot. You must be quick in picking the best one out of so many clicks and that can only happen if you know what you expect out of the portrait. It grows on you with experience.

10. Keep them real, keep them raw, no effects nothing You can do justice to a great portrait by adjusting the balance if required, but a true photographer keeps it as raw as possible.

Follow these practices and you will surely turn out to be the best portrait photographer.

Getting started with Portrait Photography is the very first step you can take to prove your skill and expertise but to keep yourself going and earning more you need to establish your brand image with a digital presence.

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